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Unfortunately, culture doesn’t just happen. It takes time, effort, and a diligent understanding of the complex forces at play within any organizational structure. Andrew convinced us it would be worth it to stop, reset, and put in the required effort to get all employees on the boat and rowing in the same direction. I won’t say it was always fun nor easy, but consistency was the key. Andrew provided myriad templates, case studies, and data as to why what we were doing was so important and it’s since reflected in our hiring, our employee satisfaction, and streamlined our communication and processes in place to ensure those things are humming smoothly.

Working with Andrew gave us the tools to feel confident in completely resetting our company culture to start from scratch. Our process was broken and needed fixing, but many of us thought we were simply too busy to put in the requisite effort. Andrew convinced us otherwise and really showcased the difference a coherent and unified company culture can make. Pulse surveys from employees have shown an “Overall Engagement Score” increase from 6.6 to 8.4 since we’ve been working with Andrew, an increase of 27%!

Andrew helped lay the groundwork for our Mission Statement that was built with buy-in from the whole executive team. We then began the process of ideating and defining Core Values of the company that fit into our defined Mission Statement, which the whole company had a chance to participate in. Andrew also helped outline our employee performance review process, providing templates to build off of and best practices to keep in mind. He also helped outline what manager-employee 1-on-1s should look like and provided guidelines for frequency, talking points, and creative problem solving. Additionally, we collaborated on how to give performance reviews and warnings to underperforming employees in the most constructive ways, which has benefited all our managers both new and old.

Andrew is light-hearted and has a great sense of humor and humility about the process, and has learned from his own prior experiences along the way. A first hand account is always a helpful tool – we are forever grateful!

Nick Balser
Chief Financial Officer, Mainline

Before working with Andrew, our business goals and priorities were unorganized and unclear. Our company was growing quickly but we were not thinking about the culture of our organization and the people who made it work in the ways that we needed to. Everyone was working separately towards different goals.

Andrew worked with us to create a strategy for growth and prioritize our goals. After establishing them for each department and communicating them to the team, we feel more confident in the business than ever. We now have documented processes, priorities, and resources for every individual in our organization. Went from everyone working very independently and not working toward the same goals to a collaborative team. We are now all aware of each others priorities and what we need to contribute to achieve our collective goals.

The guidance we received was so valuable. Culture n Strategy is the perfect solution for businesses who are growing and implementing middle management. It is never too early to start strategizing company culture. I wish we would have worked with them sooner!

Makenzie Stokel
Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, Eva

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